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Visual Design

Evolution of Tea and Media 


Tool - Adobe After Effects

I designed video content for the exhibit visitors. The following video showcases the evolution of tea with media over the years. 

Video making

Digital Illustration

Cybernetic Serenity

Tools - Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

The composition experiments with grids and columns to form an interesting modular layout. Also, the grid was intentionally made to match the theme of a superhero comic through the comment boxes, typography, colors, the decorative elements and the graphics  in each grid. 

character 2.2.jpg
character 4.2.jpg
character 1.2.jpg
character 3.2.jpg

Iteration 03

Iteration 04

This character sports a whimsical, cartoon-like design that exudes friendliness, crafted to appeal and engage with a sense of warmth and accessibility.

This character dons a VR headset, mirroring the mixed reality environment for which it is designed. The addition of the VR gear is a thoughtful touch, fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared experience in the digital realm.

3D Sculpting

Character Design

Tools - Blender

This character is conceptualized as a superhero, where their superpower is represented by their unique AI perspective. For instance, this is an example of an environmentalist AI. 

Iteration 01

Iteration 02

This character is a cute, non-intimidating robot with a humanoid design that's approachable and friendly, encouraging positive interactions and trust in technology

3D Modelling


Tools - SketchUp, Enscape,

Adobe Illustrator

stone age photography.png





Day Dream.



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