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About Me

University of Michigan HCI grad and former architect dedicated to designing inclusive, sustainable spaces in India.

My Core Values


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I design experiences that embrace cultural diversity and varied perspectives.


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 I strive to create solutions that make the experience enjoyable for the user.


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I design adaptable solutions that evolve with users' changing needs.

What My Colleagues Say About Me

My overall experience with Mansanjam was very positive. She is a hard worker who dives right into a project without hesitation. It's worth noting that our company works with a very difficult and complex subject matter. This can be intimidating to some, but wasn't a problem for her.

She worked on a variety of projects for Strata. Most notably, she redesigned a module that went into production and is going to be used by our clients. She followed the design thinking process well, accounted for limitations, and built a collaborative working relationship with the product manager. She improved her design skills by bringing her work to critique and iterating based on other designers' feedback.

Also, she synthesized research done by another designer and created a User Profile that will referenced by many others in our organization. She did an effective job of distilling down a lot of information into a concise research asset.

Managing Mansanjam was truly a pleasure & she would be an asset to any team she joins!


UX Manager @Strata 

Rachael Forster 

Mansanjam was a summer intern on my team where she worked on a few different projects, using both research and design skills. Her main project was to update the design of a budgeting tool from an old style and technology. She worked closely with a product manager and a team of engineering interns to understand requirements, propose and iterate on a design, and review the build.


She was a clear communicator and excellent presenter, ramped up on complex subject matter, asked clarifying questions, sought feedback, and delivered work with multiple options quickly. She gained a lot of skills in a short amount of time and I have full confidence she will continue that growth momentum in future roles.


Senior Manager, Design @Strata 

Irena Svidovsky

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