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Hello !

I am Mansanjam .

I design with empathy, innovating seamless solutions that effortlessly integrate into daily lives.

Previously UX designer @Strata 

MS in UX & HCI from the University of Michigan

UX Spotlights

Watch me talk about my recent collaboration with the Lansing Public Library to boost civic engagement through user-centered design principles. 

UX Case Studies

📉UXD Internship


Redesigned Strata's Allocation Manager, optimized healthcare staffing tools, and crafted personas guiding project development.


7 mins

👥Civic User Testing

2022_CITY_OF_DEARBORN (1).png

Tested and recommended improvements for DAC's digital visitor management system to enhance efficiency and streamline check-in.


7 mins

👗E-commerce app for People  for Disabilities

Developed a digital platform connecting individuals with disabilities to adaptive fashion designers, making adaptive clothing more accessible.


7 mins

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