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Hello! I am Mansanjam. 

A Product Designer + Architect with 6 years of digital and physical product design experience.

About Me

I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan studying Human-computer Interaction. I worked as a UX designer @ Strata Decision Technology. Currently, I am heading a research publication at the intersection of digital spaces and mental health of marginalized communities on digital platforms.


Before switching to UX, I was working as a spatial designer, exploring inclusive and sustainable design solutions for different cultural groups in India. 

Check out my design philosophy below!

inclusivity 2.jpg


I create experiences that celebrate human diversity accommodating diverse cultures and perspectives.

playful 2.jpg


 I strive to create solutions that make the experience more enjoyable for the user.

dynamic 2.jpg


Design should evolve with the user. Thus, I design solutions that can be adapted to users' future needs. 

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