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Hello !

I am Mansanjam .

I design with empathy, innovating seamless solutions that effortlessly integrate into daily lives.

Previously UX designer @Strata 

I am designing an XR space with AI capabilities to enhance asynchronous workplace collaboration.

Using IoT I designed a guitar learning companion for beginning musicians 

I am expanding my skills in 3D digital modelling and motion graphics.

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I transformed an abandoned space and re-designed it as a community space for a small village in India. 

My Playground

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Want to learn more about what I do? 

UX Case Studies

💸App for Beginners To Learn About Stocks

Developed an app for those 18+ to learn about stock investments in a fun way, inspired by the idea of Monopoly. 


9 mins

📉UXD Internship


Redesigned Strata's Allocation Manager, optimized healthcare staffing tools, and crafted personas guiding project development.


7 mins

👥Civic User Testing

2022_CITY_OF_DEARBORN (1).png

Tested and recommended improvements for DAC's digital visitor management system to enhance efficiency and streamline check-in.


6 mins


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